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chip decisions

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I know there have been many discussions on the forums about chipping the 1.8t.
Mine is a little more direct to my situation.

After doing plenty of research, I've narrowed my choices to 2 options:
1. I found out that a local VW dealer will chip my car for me. They use the Neuspeed P-Chip. Their cost is around $850(CAD) installed. If I go with this setup, I wont have to worry about hiding my chip installation when getting my car serviced.
2. I can purchase the Upsolute for around $520(CAD) and the extra ECU costs around $675(CAD). Total: $1200. The up side for this is that I get an extra ECU (could be used for servicing and emissions testing).
Now, I would rather buy have the Upsolute chip, but as you can see, it costs close to $350 more.
Is Neuspeed really that bad?
What do you think is the best choice.
Not that it matters, but I live in Toronto, Canada.
For those that are interested, Cedarbrae VW in Scarborough, Ont. does the chip installations.
Thanks in advance.

Edit: forgot to mention its the 2001 jetta wolfsburg (aww)

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Re: chip decisions (chillin18t)

go with neuspeed cause they are closer and dont stree about another ecu.
if u have a 2002 dont waste your time.
have fun and get a dv too and start using synthetic oil
Re: chip decisions (AxeAngel)

yeesh...if you're dealer is willing to chip it, then they won't mind doing any service with it...go fer it!
Re: chip decisions (chillin18t)

I have the nuespeed chip and i take my car to cedarbrae vw....they dont mind its chipped...
As for the chip itself i think its good...
Re: chip decisions (chillin18t)

my dealer was also willing to chip my car with Neuspeed, but I decided to go with Upsolute instead. They approved of my choice, too, after a test drive. Any chip on the 2002 will do just fine. Go with local support.
Why are you buying another ECU for Upsolute ? There is no need, especially since your dealer is Ok with chipping ! You can also get a socket for your Upsolute if you like.

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Re: chip decisions (newbiewithGTI2002)

No, the dealer only approves of the Neuspeed chip. And they want to do the install as well.
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