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chip/engine light

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I am going to get a Nuespeed chip tomorrow but my check engine light is on right now. I'm wondering if I would have a problem if I took it to the dealer after I got the chip. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Re: chip/engine light (GTI DRIVER V)

If you are just getting the chip tommorrow and not installing it I would bring it to the dealer first just to be safe.
Re: chip/engine light (wolfsburg_de)

if it was my gas cap, how long will it take for the light to go out?? I checked that the other day and i think it was loose, but my check engine light is still on. ???
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Re: chip/engine light (GTI DRIVER V)

There are certain things that will make the MIL light come on, that if you remedy, i.e. gas cap not on, then it will go away after starting the engine 3 different times.
If the problem is not something simple like that, it won't go away until the code is reset. But it will come back again if the problem doesn't get fixed before the reset.
It's amazing how many codes there are in a VW. Around 500.
You should definitely get it checked at the dealer before you chip it.
I've heard it is also possible to erase your chip settings at the dealer when they "flash" it to reset any tripped codes.
That would suck.
Re: chip/engine light (woodrell)

I agree with everyone else, get it checked out first, without a doubt.
Some chippers won't work on your car if you have a CEL. I know when I scheduled my APR install the tech asked me if I had a CEL, he told me they won't chip a car with one.
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