Watches and motorsport have been associated with each other for some time. The need to record lap and race times accurately ensures that good timekeeping equipment will always be important to the hobby.

What better way, then, to celebrate the GTI’s 40 th anniversary than with this “40 Years of Thunder – GTI 1976 – 2016” watch that Germany's is offering?

GTI 40 Years of Thunder Chronograph  Pic07


It features a 1.7 inch face with sapphire crystal, keeps track of the date, has timing equipment—in case you need keep track of lap times—is water resistant up to five atmospheres, and is made in Germany.

The watch is actually pretty handsome and wouldn’t look bad even without the “40 Years of Thunder” insignia on the face. With it, though, it becomes the perfect way to keep track of the time whether you’re driving your GTI or just thinking about your GTI. Or if there are things you do, it would look great then too, doing whatever it is you mistakenly think is more important than driving or thinking about your GTI.

GTI 40 Years of Thunder Chronograph  Pic05