As the green flag drops at Sebring International, a pack of 24 cars makes their way towards turn one through a mist of tire spray, with their windshield wipers doing all they can to remove water droplets from the line of sight.  I fight my way to the inside past an Acura NSX, a vintage Aston, and a few other misfits before a large puddle makes my Golf R hydroplane, forcing it off line.  I should be frustrated, but all I can think about is how spoiled I've become.



In the latest edition of Turn 10's extremely popular Forza series, the developers have gone above and beyond to achieve a level of detail and hyper-realism while maintaining the game's ease of use, as to not scare away the casual user.   This goes way beyond simply adding more cars (this one's got more than 450 at launch), with the team improving their tire physics modeling, and heading to personally inspect each real-world circuit in order to gather more in-depth track data, including exterior atmosphere and where puddles gather during rainstorms.  Yes, Forza 6 may just be the closest many of us will get to tackling many of our favorite circuits without ever being more than a few steps from the fridge.


Move past the driving physics and impressive frame rate (60fps), and you'll notice the grill smoke coming from just behind the fence at Road Atlanta's turn 12, or the RVs positioned alongside the Bus Stop at Watkins Glen.  Long gone are the days of an 8-bit track and not much else, or a few casually placed rectangular trees with their squared leaves, as Forza has done a remarkable job of recreating each track environment in impressive detail.  Thanks in part to the Xbox One's processing power, players will now be able to feel completely immersed in the experience.  That spot you've been camping at for the Zippo Vintage Gran Prix at Watkins Glen, or those impossibly big, rolling hills just behind turn 2 at Sonoma (or Infineon, or Sears Point, or whatever..)- they're all there.  At times, it's hard to not get distracted by the sheer amount of stuff at each track.


For those willing to shell out the $99 for Forza 6's Ultimate Pack (or those with an early download code for review), this is certainly not news, as they've been playing for a few days now.  But for those among us who are just fine saving a few bucks and waiting a few extra days, tomorrow's official launch will mark the beginning of a new, more reclusive portion of our lives.  To put it bluntly, Forza 6 is a complete and total must-have for anyone with an Xbox One that is even remotely interested in cars, and likely even for those who've yet to shell out for Microsoft's latest console.  iRacing it is not, but for the casual player who is just fine using an old-fashioned controller, it'll most certainly do the trick.

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