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Choose Your Adventure: Race Forever Part I -- which race should you take first?

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Anyone remember these? I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was in elementary school, and in honor of the Richard Scarry car-themed children's books, let's play out R.A. Montgomery's "Race Forever."

Don't know what CYOA books are? It's basically a book you don't read from start to finish; you can decide what the plot would be based on choices you have to take at random points in the story. So, TCL, let's play a different sort of poll-based game. Let's see what ending we come up with in "Race Forever" by deciding where to take the story based on poll votes.

I'll start a new thread every morning and begin where we left off the previous day based on the most popular vote. This should be a nice change of things from the usual "pick a car for my dead grandfather, look at this F40, i hate HOV lanes and beige Camrys" threads. :laugh: :thumbup::thumbup:

Race Forever by R.A. Montgomery said:
You've been almost too nervous to look out the plane window at the African countryside below. The smiling flight attendant leaning over to check your seat belt jolts you back to reality.

"We're approaching the airport in Nairobi now."

You look out the window. Now you can see the large, modern city below. The gently rolling terrain is unlike the Arizona ranch country where you grew up. You remember the cable that brought you here: "Congratulations. You have been selected to compete in a series of African Road Rallies designed to test both the skill of the drivers and the ruggedness of the cars."

You weren't sure you could handle a race like this, but your dad pooh-poohed that attitude.

"Of course you can do it," your dad said. "I taught you everything I know."

And he knows a lot. He and his brother were competition drivers, racing for the Italian Ferrari and Lancia teams during the heyday of the Le Mans, the Mille Miglia, and the Nurburgring races. As soon as you could see over the steering wheel of a Jeep, your father began teaching you about cars and driving. The hours you spent in Jeeps out on the range and in fast cars on the track your dad laid out behind the barn have paid off.

You wish your dad were here with you, but he couldn't come. Some last-minute business forced him to cancel his plane reservation.

At the competition headquarters, a large banner proclaiming the First African Dual Road Race Rally flaps slowly in a light breeze. People standing in clumps around a long table are talking excitedly. They are the drivers and navigators, the mechanics and the representatives of the companies sponsoring this race.

You sign in at the competition desk. "Welcome. Here's your copy of the rules and regulations. I'm Michael Reupleau, race chairman." He smiles at you, shakes your hand, and gives you a large bright blue folder that says 'Race Kit' on the cover. You feel nervous. The other drivers look much older than you and seem very sure of themselves.

"This rally is special," Reupleau continues. "There are actually two races. One tests speed over fast roads in race-prepared cars. In the other race, the rough road race, speed counts, too, but you will be driving off-road vehicles. In each race you will choose your own course, driving from designated checkpoint to checkpoint until you finish. You will not be racing head-to-head with other cars in either race. Instead, you will select cars and be started at half-hour intervals to avoid head-to-head racing. The courses are too narrow and sometimes too crowded with animals and people for that. Do you understand?"

"Yes, thanks, I understand," you tell him.

"You will be paired with a navigator/co-driver chosen by lot, but that will come in a moment. Now you must choose which race you would like to start with. While you'll take part in both of them, you may decide which race you would like to drive first."


A) Drive the speed race first
B) Drive the off-road, rough road race first

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