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Chrome Exhaust tips for my 2002 1.8 Jetta?

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I am looking for some chrome exhaust tips for my 2002 1.8t Jetta, I bought the oem ones and they hang about 3 inches below the rear apron. The dealer just said hmmmm....uhhhhhh......I don't know?...DUH!!! They were no help at all. anyone else know of any tips without buying a whole new muffler? Thanks!!!!
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Re: Chrome Exhaust tips for my 2002 1.8 Jetta? (Sgarner)

I'm guessing you already have the exposed steel tips? Then you have a 4motion valance and the normal tips that VW sells won't work / look right b/c they are designed to hang under the valance not to be in the cut out.
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