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Cis-e and boost

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I'm about to get started on a 16v turbo and I'm wondering how much boost Cis-e can handle on its own? I just need a general idea of when the extra injector controller needs to take over...i was thinking maybe around 6psi?
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Re: Cis-e and boost (riotbomb)

just read this forum . There are many of us CIS people out there. Are you sure you have a CIS-e 16v?
Re: Cis-e and boost (riotbomb)

You could probably run about 2psi. I'm on an 8V setup and with 7psi you could only go to about 3000rpm before pinging occurred on stock fueling. You need another injector. Several people (including myself) recommend the SDS Extra Injector Controller for a CIS-e setup. It is good for about 100 extra hp worth of fueling and it is on a linear fuel rate. It increases as boost does.
Presently, I'm running a Hobbs switch that triggers at 4psi and sprays full power at that boost level. It's only good for about 10psi in cool weather. That's why I'd recommend a proper EIC if you want to run higher boost. Especially with a 16V that will allow a lot more air into the mixture.
If cost isn't an issue, try an SDS EM-3 setup. Full fuel and ignition programmability. It should do you for pretty high numbers.
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