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Well a colleague of mine, whom happens to own a bargain basement 2002 Civic Sedan LX, 5/spd has somehow forgotten to check or change the oil in her car in some 6700 mi precisely, I checked her oil for her on my lunch break only to find 1 qt of 5w20 on the dip stick, in fact we ran to an Autozone® locally and filled 2 qts of castrol 5w20 just to get her by till her oil change. My argument is, and she and I gawk back forth with each other, over the Civic & Jetta, in fact she has picked me up and dropped me off at the Volkswagen service dept no fewer than five times since I purchased my car new some 5 mos ago, so you may imagine the hostility, My car is a 2.0L GLS 5/spd and consumes better than a qt every 2k miles, might the Civic be suffering from the same epidemic?

2k2 Jetta GLS 5/spd
hybrid 2.0DI burns both gas & oil.

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