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clank clank... wobble wobble...

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So the recently acquired '81 Jetta, with 143K on the stock 1.7, started to lose power on the highway... then it started sounding like an ailing diesel at idle... so I popped the hood, and saw how the crank pulleys were wobbling around like a mosh pit on muscle relaxants and speed... I figure it's a good conclusion I killed a main bearing or two. It probably didn't help that I had to drive it 10 more miles to get home.
The good news is: I had an '84 JH waiting in the wings, that I was going to take my time with. Now it just gets slapped in there with a minimum of fuss.
My question is this: can I attach the nice dual outlet manifold from the Jetta directly to the JH motor, with some new gaskets and studs? Or is there something else I have to do to get them to mate up? Also, I'll be replacing the pops-out-of-fifth FF tranny next week with another one; should I upgrade to the 210mm clutch?
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Re: clank clank... wobble wobble... (simon_reinhardt)

I'd say yes for the dual outlet manifold from the '81 and going on the '84 motor...,
not sure about the clutch...,
not sure about the downpipe either, I've always used the TT downpipe with this type setup
good luck.
Re: clank clank... wobble wobble... (simon_reinhardt)

I have an 83 A1 rabbit with an FF / lightened 210mm flywheel / 16V pressure plate.
It works.
Well, just got done ordering lotsa goodies from the fine folks at Adirondack. I'm going with the stock 210mm setup, and the exhaust will be fine... assuming I get the manifold swapped on without breaking any studs. And of course, I had to order one each of any under-hood part that's not metal, and a few of those as well... It's gonna be a fun weekend.
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