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Classified Forum Rules (read before posting)

Rules for posting in the Classifieds Forums
You must post a price in your initial post.

In an effort to clean up the classifieds, we are requiring that all classifieds posts be in the following formats:
1) If you are selling a part:
(Example FS: Item Name)
2) If you are selling an automobile:
(Example FS: Year, Make, Model, Mileage, Location)
3a) If you are parting out a car:
(Example Parting Out: Year, Make, Model)
- Please include the parts that you are parting out in one post, and include prices for each part.
3b) If you are parting out specific parts from a car:
(Example interior parts, Parting Out: Year, Make, Model, Interior)
- Please include the parts that you are parting out in one post, and include prices for each part.
4) If you want to purchase an item:
(Example WTB: Item Name)
5) If you want to trade an item:
(Example WTT: Item Name for Item Name)
6) If you want to trade an automobile for another item or automobile:
(Example WTT: Year, Make, Model, Mileage for Item Name/Automobile)
Please note - the automobile that you want to trade needs to be posted in the classifieds forum for that automobile, not the one you want to trade for.
Example: "WTT: 2002 VW GTI VR6 75k miles for 1998 VW GTI VR6 plus cash" must to be posted only in the G/J IV Cars classifieds forum, not the G/J III Cars classifieds forum.

7) If you are posting a link to an ebay auction you MUST have a buy it now price in the auction and in the thread title. If you are just looking to gather interest for your auction, then we suggest putting a link to it in your signature.
Furthermore, we will not allow all CAPS thread titles, or distracting characters such as ">", "*", "!", "~", etc. The thread title MUST be in a format presented above, or the thread will be removed. Also, all threads must be in the proper forum. A thread that is selling wheels must be in the respective wheels and tires classifieds forum, not in the model specific forum that those wheels came from. The same goes for parts you are selling. If you have Corrado parts, they have to go in the Corrado forum, not in other forums in which they could be an upgraded part. If someone is looking for an upgrade, they will know where to look.

The classifieds are not a place to voice an opinion on a product. Questioning the value/price, linking to the same or similar item, or posting in an attempt to devalue the objects being sold is forbidden. If you wish to question the value, IM the seller. Do not reply to a classifieds thread unless you are interested in the item. This will cut down on the traffic in the classifieds, which will result in less people bumping their topics, and making it easier to find what you are looking for. Once your item has sold, or you have found what you are looking for, please make a note of that in your thread.
If you are interested in gathering a market value for your item, please be sure to use the Search feature to see what similar items have been selling for. Check both the recent topics, and the archived topics.

Please be aware that the Advertising Rules and Regulations are still in effect , and you must be an advertiser if you would like to post commercially.

These new classifieds rules will be enforced for all new threads. Please report a thread if you feel these rules have not been effectively followed.
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