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clay bar on touch up blobs

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I am curious if this works. I recently got a grooved scratch on my front bumper and I want to use touch paint, but it's going to take a lot to fill the groove. If I use copious amounts of touch up paint, will a clay bar successfully remove the upper layer of touch up paint while leaving the groove part filled? I need some magic to fix this scratch.
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Re: clay bar on touch up blobs (oldkidVR6)

In a single word, NO!
It must be "wet sanded" with a sanding block and 1500 to 2000 grit wet/dry paper, then light compounding to remove the sanding marks, followed by polishing to remove the compounding marring.
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Re: clay bar on touch up blobs (ketch)

Somebody posted a link last week about touch up blobs. It was a product that removes the blob, just wipe on after letting the paint set up. I looked kinda cool. They have a movie there of an 11 year old girl repairng a new Lexus to show how easy it is to use.
Found it:

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