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cleaned my isv and lost throttle response?

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am i delirious? help metune up the yetta a lil.. it fixed the idle a little.
should i get a new fuel filter? i dont even know if it has been changed on the car?
anything else i should replacE?
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Re: cleaned my isv and lost throttle response? (illusion a2 jetta)

Hey Eric...
a) Still have the bumpers?

b) Cleaning the ISV sholdn't hurt the idle. Perhaps one of the hoses isn't reattached completely? Are either of them split?
c)Fuel filter (oxygenated gas clogs them up right quick), Bosch Super W7DTC (triple electrode) plugs, Bosch cap/rotor, bottle of Chevron Techron, check your v-belts (replacing mine this weekend). I did all of this last weekend, I think the parts set me back about $65 or so. Car pulls stronger now and has more low end torque, and gas mileage has increased a little.

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Re: cleaned my isv and lost throttle response? (illusion a2 jetta)

Cleaning the isv shouldn't cause that, check the pipes like already said, yes change the fuel filter it should be done regularly anyway.
How does it run with the isv plug wire disconnected?
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