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Cleaning Engine Bay?

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Ok so I listened to the guys and used Simple Green, works wonders!!! Anyways alot of the dirt is off and starting to look pretty sweet but I want it to sparkle. So what I did was take a low grit sand paper and started to rub down the alternator, manifold and block. Is this a smart move?? I wanted to have that polished look , should I buy a dremil tool to do this work or do not do it at all?
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Re: Cleaning Engine Bay? (DubStylez)

To polish rough aluminum castings is really time consuming. You need to start with coarse abrasives like 150 grit and work down thru 400-600 and then buff with polishing compound and wheel etc. Once you start you're in for a long haul! Just keep it clean!
Re: Cleaning Engine Bay? (spitpilot)

150 is a ok dont go too hard on it or you'll be there for days taking your scratches out of it with the higher grit
Re: Cleaning Engine Bay? (KDoggsPimpJetta)

You gotta think of the dust man !!!
Make sure you cover everything up
and have a vacuum handy.
The small brush (round or square)
attachment works great.
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