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Cleaning inside of glass

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What's the best way to clean the inside of glass? I once cleaned the insides with Windex and paper towels, and it looked very squeeeky clean and clear in the sunshine but at night, the entire rear window glass was streaked under the light of headlamps and street lights.
I stopped using Windex and only used a spray bottle of water and cloth to clean the insides now, and that reduces streaking substantially but i still notice some at night. What tricks do you guys have for cleaning interior glass? Thanks!
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Re: Cleaning inside of glass (Deception)

Try a glass cleaner made for automotive use. I use Stoners invisible glass with a micro fiber towel. Other auto glass cleaners: Eagle One 20/20, Sprayway glass cleaner, Griots glass cleaner. Clean your glass often, atleast once a week.

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Re: Cleaning inside of glass (edschwab1)

I've used Eagle One 20-20 for some time and really like it. Here's a tip. Use a clean, freshly laundered 100% cotton towel to wipe with. After you've wiped off the inside and it seems to be dry, refold the towel to a dry area and wipe again. That will remove the slight film left by the evaporating cleaner.
Re: Cleaning inside of glass (Deception)

I use a MF towel that is lightly dampened with water. Usually after drying my outside windows with an absorber first, then follow up after with the MF towel. After all the windows are down on the outside the towel is perfect for wiping down the inside windows. Perfect every time. Without the added cost of chemicals
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Re: Cleaning inside of glass (Deception)

Eagle 20/20 is not as aggressive as Windex (esp with ammonia), but it leaves NO STREAKS whatsoever.
I use it with Bounty paper towels. Obsviously, when cleaning the windshield from inside, I squirt on the towel, not on the windshield itself, or the wet mist lands everywhere inside the car (dashboard, seats, registration stickers etc, pine tree air freshener, CD-ROM with colors of Barbados flag and two Jesuses hanging on the rearview mirror etc
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Re: Cleaning inside of glass (Deception)

light mist of H2O wiped up with a micro fiber towel...
Re: Cleaning inside of glass (user name unknown)

wet MF, dry MF - wipe on, wipe off, Danielson
Don't use household window cleaners since that use additives to distort light to give you that shine and sparkle. Water and MF will get you a good natural clean without build-up.
Re: Cleaning inside of glass (Propaganda)

This is weird but it works. I use my meguairs cleaner wax to clean my inside out window. The glass is now clean and streaks free.
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Re: Cleaning inside of glass (vw_golf)

Yes, that's a good trick too. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif Be sure, however, that your windshield is not hot, or you'll be battling haze instead of streaks.
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Re: Cleaning inside of glass (gorilla800lbs)

Stoner's is the bestest!! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Cleaning inside of glass (anthoughknee)

and definately wipe with newspaper -- be careful that u don't use an area with alot of ink or that could run. on the other hand, i hear u can go to a crafts shop and get plain (read: not printed on) newspaper. that would b best.
Re: Cleaning inside of glass (ran)

How does newspaper work anyways? I've always wondered about that
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