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clear coat swirls and scratches

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Whats the best way to get out swirls and scrathes in the cleat coat. To make things worse my car is black.
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Re: clear coat swirls and scratches (TravisMPK)

Same here, I bought 3M HAND GLAZE & SWIRL REMOVER. Not sure which goes on firt though...
Re: clear coat swirls and scratches (Bishop22)

imperial hand glaze should be followed with a wax (klasse SG, mothers, blitz)
if i recall correctly, imperial hand glaze and swirl mark remover do the exact same thing, so applying them both won't do much good. i think the only difference is that the smr is for dark colored cars, whereas the IHG can be used for any color.
I just used IHG followed by klasse SG and mothers carnauba on my black jetta and it looks amazing. hope that helps, good luck detailing
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Re: clear coat swirls and scratches (TravisMPK)

Meguiars has a 3-step system. Starting with, you guessed it, number 1.
1..Clear Coat paint cleaner - Wipe on, buff in, wipe off.
2.. Polish - wax on, wax off. Very good Daniel-san
3..Wax - ditto. This system fixed the nasty oxidation and swirl marks on my black S-10. The truck has been on both coasts of the US and all through the deserts of the SW USA. The paint was in rough shape. Oxidizing and faded to a kind of hazy dark gray. Did the system and it looked beautiful. Now if only it ran as great as it looked. Oh well, its not mine anymore, I got my GTI and ditched the other beast. Sweetest looking bucket I ever owned though. Meguiars is available in almost any auto parts store.
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Re: clear coat swirls and scratches (Clean97GTi)

this is good to know.
somehow, like an idiot, i used the "foaming brush" at the local car wash.
looked great until i got it into low-light.
swirl city.
now i dont have to kill myself, b/c it looks like i can save the finish.
Re: clear coat swirls and scratches (TravisMPK)

1. wash your car
2. use a good polish in small circular motions(6 inch about)
3. wax, one coat is enough, any more you're likely to get more wax in your cracks than on the paint. also if there any swirls or light scratches left after the polish the wax should cover them up.
Re: clear coat swirls and scratches (MikeBlaze)

Doh, the foaming brush is the devil. I got scratches all over from when I was an idiot.
Re: clear coat swirls and scratches (Guvs97JettaGT)

Use swirl remover to smooth the clear coat. then never wax or detail again!!! only way to prevent the swirls from coming back!
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