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Clifford Alarm. Solaris? And how much?

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Hey guys, I've posted in previous threads my desire to get an aftermarket alarm system because we all know that the factory alarm is worthless.
I have decided to go with Clifford and I was going with the Solaris with prox sensor and extra siren until today. Best Buy in my area told me that there is a new alarm called Matrix RS2 (It pretty much "replaces" the Solaris or something like that...)
In my area, there is pretty much only Best Buy (which opened about 2 weeks ago) and an independent retailer. I found out that there is a huge price difference between both companies. I was going to get the solaris installed at that independent shop in 3 days (they needed the car for two days... which sounded kinda weird...) but cancelled for many reasons. First they are about $150 more expensive than Best Buy and I don't know how well their installers are. I was told they were certified but i don't know by whom.
I have several questions to ask.
1. If you guys have a solaris installed, what was the price (ball park) of the system plus installation?
2. How good is their prox sensor?
3. Is it worth to put an extra siren? I want that because my car's been messed up with in the past month twice with the stock alarm and I don't want that to happen again.
4. How good is Best Buy? I guess that's not a good question because it all depends on the installer and not the company, but are all installers certified? And how well are those certifications?
I am especially interested in the first question because I feel like i'm being ripped off (although I already cancelled the appointment) at that shop...
Any feedback is really appreciated.
Thanks guys.
Oh! If you've had bad experience with Clifford, i'd love to know that too.
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