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Sow how exactly did you get the electrics to work? Are you running the stock cluster? I'm looking at putting an AWP into my 93 VR6 and a lot of the info I find is contradicting, because there's so many ways to do different things.

Yup running the stock cluster. The 1.8Ts have digital tach outputs, and thankfully B3 clusters have digital tachs too. I simply cut the factory harness about 10" from the firewall and spliced in the 1.8T harness, it's only like 6 wires total. 3 12v, tach signal, coolant gauge, oil pressure switches. That's it. :)

And sorry for not keeping up on this thread, I just took on a new project that's consuming most of my time. But it's worth it. Super insanely clean '81 Rabbit S.

41 - 49 of 49 Posts
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