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cloth top??

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I just bought my fist VW this weekend. My boyfriend is a fellow VDuber and I have joined the club

I purchased a white 98 cabrio with a white VIYNAL top and I am interested in buying a black cloth top. Has anyone converted their Cabrio to cloth if so where can I get one, or how much do they run??


Modified by ToughGuysGirl at 8:29 PM 7-14-2003
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Re: cloth top?? (ToughGuysGirl)

Welcome to the Cabby club
I think I remember your guy
I like your idea to go with a black top
I don't have a good source for the top
for ya but I wanted to welcome you to
the world of cabbys and congratulate you
on your FIRST DUB! whoo hooooo

now let's see some pics
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Re: cloth top?? (exboy99)

You probably know my boyfriend from the GTI forum he has since changed his name though. He makes himself known

Thanks for the welcome!!
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Re: cloth top?? (ToughGuysGirl)

Yeah I remember him fo sho
I'm sure he's got plans for your car.
nice to see a vw couple. I'm a fool
for girls with dubs.
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Okay, back on topic...

Cloth and canvas are one in the same. Meaning, when someone says, "I've gotta cloth top," the top is canvas. Canvas is a type of cloth/fabric.
There's 3 types of tops:
- Pinpoint/smooth vinyl
- Grain vinyl
- Canvas
Cabrio canvas tops are more expensive than vinyl (approx. $350-600) and there's several on-line retailers such as CabrioWorld.com. Be aware that many top suppliers do not supply white canvas (unless you go through your dealer, which will cost even more).
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Re: cloth top?? (kamzcab86)

Okay your right and what I meant to say was viynal... you cought me...
Yes I did find CabrioWorld helpful THANKS!!
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