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Not long to go now... and by all accounts it looks like this will be a fantastic weekend!
As most of you know, Club Audi have partnered up with Club VeeDub this year to share some of the organising load. Many thanks to Steve (stevemk2gti / Mr Golf) who has done most of the "on the ground" organising for this event.
I'm posting particularly to catch any Audi owners not on Ozaudi or my Club Audi email list. If you're a VW person, you will probably find what is below interesting but not 100% relevant.
-- RSVPs --
We're up to 14 confirmed Audis exhibiting thus far... great turn out guys! Any more to add?
If you are planning to come along and I don't have your email address, please PM it so I can get you the final details.
-- Hotel accommodation --
As predicted, accommodation in Canberra is becoming difficult. I can obtain limited availability at the Hyatt via my corporate connections but unfortunately the rate is $255 - not exactly the bargain end of the scale. Let me know by this COB Friday 16th if you want to take up this offer.
Otherwise, I suggest you visit the usual suspects including:
-- Schedule for the weekend --
As per above, our schedule mirrors that of Club VeeDub. For those too lazy to visit all the links provided by Steve, here 'tis in summary:
Saturday 24th September
15:30-16:00 - tour orientation (optional)
Meet at Russell Offices car park for tour orientation and marshaling. Click here for a map to the site.

16:00-18:00 - tour and photo shoots (optional)
Tour around Canberra to scenic vantage points with photo opportunities.
18:00 - 22:00 - dinner (optional)
Combined VAG (Volkswagen and Audi Group) dinner with buffet menu:
Cost $32 per head + drinks at your own expense.
BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL! There is a limited number of seats left, with booking closing this Saturday 17 September 2005. Contact Mark at 0416 033 581 for bookings or confirm via Ken at Club Audi.
Sunday 25th September
08:00 - 15:00 - Shannons German Autofest (main event)
Shannons German Autofest at the Rond Terraces, Commonwealth Park.

Show and Shine for Audis and Volkswagens as part of an all German marque display. Trophies presented in a wide range of categories.
Bring a picnic and enjoy the day.
Look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting lots more new enthusiast folk on the 25th! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: Club Audi NSW: Shannons German Autofest 2005 (vweuro)

Quote, originally posted by vweuro »
I was probably one of the first to put my name down for the dinner (hope i'm still on the list ) but what time and where is the dinner?

I suspect that your name was put down for dinner somewhere in this monumental thread:
Dinner details are only known by the organiser Mark (0416 033 581). I suspect that this is to ensure that folks RSVP so that the right numbers can be catered for. Suggest you call him to ensure you're on the list and provide your contact info so you can receive the final time / location details.

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Re: Club Audi NSW: Shannons German Autofest 2005 (minigolf)

Hi all,
I'm unlikely to be online between now and the event.... so if you need to contact Club Audi for any reason, please use my mobile +61 419 278 268.
Look forward to seeing you all over the weekend!
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