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Clunk in rear! Bushings?

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My car has 110,000kms. Lately I've noticed a loud clunk in my rear suspension, it seems to be coming from under the back seat. I only hear it when I'm driving quickly around corners on uneven pavement (not hard to find around here). It isn't my exhaust hitting the suspension, been there cured that. My best guess is that I need to replace the bushings that isolate the rear suspension. Btw my car has all oe supension, never been replaced. Is it normal for those bushings to wear out this quickly, or could it be something else (shocks, upper mounts). I bet that it is quite the job to replace those lower bushings, $$$$$
. Anyone have any stories/recommendations to share.
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Re: Clunk in rear! Bushings? (VR6eh)

Maybe it's time to lower it. But seriously, have you looked at the bushings to see if there is bad wear? Replacing them couldn't hurt.
Re: Clunk in rear! Bushings? (JPawn1)

I believe VW recomends changing the bushings every 60,000 miles.
I have the clunk too with extremely worn bushings.
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