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so nice to have the flywheel off to deal with those 2 oil pan bolts behind it. Looks like you are at the fun part of putting it back together. Enjoy your new socket!!! is it 9mm 12pt? looks like 11mm in the pic, but I know what I pulled out of my cars had the 9mm.

How is the weather doing? You got enough propane? knuckles bust different when it below 40 out.

Keep up the good work.
OMG YES! When I dropped my oil pan to replace the pickup line I hated those 2 bolts. One ended up falling out and fell inbetween the flywheel and got stuck and I was panicking and sweating bullets.
Crushed my finger trying to get that one bolt out.

I put back together the rest of the job after getting free parts from the store (bolts). The lady ask if I say she looks pretty out of a scale fr 0ne to 10.
I look at her and said yes your pretty and she gave without charge. So thoughtful. It's would of costed me more days.
Was she pretty though? That's the question 馃憖馃憖馃憖

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Hey everyone,
An update on the progress. I've ordered parts last Sunday night from UroTuning. It's from the states and I live in Canada. So I'm guessing it takes much longer. I do have to say, if you make an order, better not to put the order on hold to add to it. Just let it be. The cost of adding a bushings for the leveler for example was $15.00. The part only cost under $5. A good heads up too that. Just make a new order or buy from a different dealer. I was at the dealership. They were charging $8.

To add to this, I really am learning this whole build. I've not ever taken out a motor or transmission. This is a new study. I build houses.
I'm so grateful for all the help. And it was my fault for making mistakes in ordering parts. I had to order one more bushings. When I saw the bushings for left to right on all websites. I thought left and right was for the leveler not understanding it's for 2 different components. Know I have 2 bushings for both parts when they arrive.

If anyone is speaking with the guys at UroTuning. Make sure you have part numbers and a better description of what you need. I was placed on hold to speak with a different sales persons to find that they sent me to another person to talk too, until I got the point and hung up the phone. This happened many times over.

This is not the blame game. I really could care less. Yes it's been 2 months of not driving my car. Life goes on.
Thought do more homework with building and repairing and be very grateful of this website because it's been the best support! Thanks to vwvortex.com

The lesson I learned from all of these is to relax, be kind to the self. And have no expectations of when and how long it takes.

On the bright side. Lots of parts are fixed. And located the ac leak.

For now this car will be stock with a upgraded clutch. In the summer I may take things apart and maybe push a little more power out of it. I've been watching many videos, it seems like this 1.8t is actually a very impressive motor. Good job to the guys a VW for building a very good motor. So impressed.

There's forms of doing deletes to hoses and much more. I'm gonna learn lots.
You're correct. The 1.8T has a great aftermarket scene. Plenty of information and parts available online. I think the 1.9TDI, VR6 and 1.8T are the most modified VW engines, along with the EA888 platform.

With the PCV system, you considered deleting it all and installing a catch can?

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It would be much nicer to have it looking cleaner.
Will this effect emissions test? That's the only thing I am not wanting to mess with.

Lots of possibilities.
Nope. You can do PCV delete without affecting the EGR or SAI stuff.

Where I used to live, anything NOT Original on the car that has not been Homologated on the Car Papers is illegal and will not pass inspections.
So I'd just remove the Catch Can and run 19mm (3/4 inch hose) from Crankcase to Valve cover, with a Tee, to Hockey Puck in TIP.
Install it like this just before the drive to inspections and take it off once you get back home. A 50 mile drive without Catch Can will not affect the engine.

Looking at your diagram/exploded view of PCV system. If hoses 9 and 12 are still in good condition, you can delete hose number 5 and run a 3/4 inch from hose number 2 to 9.
Have the engine cover installed it will look OEM but in reality you have a PCV delete done. I passed visual inspection like this no problem, but once again, I don't know if Canada does this.

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You can do the alignment yourself if you have a flat spot to park. Run a string on either side of the car. Make the strings parallel to each other, and the car. Bunch of back and forth moving string posts (jack stands) and measuring from car to string to get it all lined up. with the steering wheel straight, set the toe on the front wheels straight and snug up the tie rod ends.
While some do like doing everything themselves doing an alignment is just something I wouldn't do myself.

I'll just let the shop do it with their fancy machines for 50 bucks
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