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Clutch disengage point on 2002 GLS

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To completely disengage the clutch I have to go all the way floor, which require me to sit closer to the steering wheel than I like. Can this be adjusted under warranty (700 miles on the car)?
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Re: Clutch disengage point on 2002 GLS (rgustely)

Don't know the answer to your question, but have you adjusted the steering wheel? You know that it can be adjusted in and out, in addition to up and down? Lever is on the underside of the steering column.
Re: Clutch disengage point on 2002 GLS (Max Yasgur)

Thanks for your reply- I actually meant too close for enough legroom.
Re: Clutch disengage point on 2002 GLS (rgustely)

Hmmm, that 's actually quite the opposite from what most of the Honda to VW converters think... Most disengage right at the top... almost to the point of being annoying.
Re: Clutch disengage point on 2002 GLS (pass-variant)

Well, as a Honda -> VW driver, I'd have to say the clutch engagement point is a smidgen on the high side (which is fine), but the actual clutch travel 100% down to the floor is a pretty long travel. I'm 6'3" and had to do a fair bit of adjustment both with the steering wheel and seat to get things comfy.
I'll also add that my 1989 Honda Accord had a very easily accessible clutch free-play adjustment, just under and to the right of the battery shelf. Of course, this was a direct cable linkage, not the newer hydraulic ones - don't know much about adjusting those. I usually kept my clutch engagement point fairly high, so I didn't find the VW was very different
My only observation is that perhaps the foot rest could be a little bit narrower... I sometimes hit it on the way to the clutch. Just a glancing blow, but enough to delay or mangle shifts enough that I have to look around and see who saw that!
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