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Clutch? or just another rattle

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OK, another noise report... heard this one before?
I've got 30K on my Golf now. It's a 2000 1.8T manual.
Here's the situation: As I am accelerating and shifting gears, I am noticing a metalic rattle noise from the front end. This noise occurs the instant I let off on the gas to shift. This "shaky rattle" also occurs if I am accelerating and let off on the gas. So it seems I only hear this when I let off on the gas. It seems to do it louder once the car is warmed up.
Could this be a heat shield or exaust component making this noise? Or is it worse and something to do with my clutch or other transmission part?
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Re: Clutch? or just another rattle (brownie)

could be your heat shield, mine does it too
Re: Clutch? or just another rattle (brownie)

bump, this rattle, nearly exactly as described is happening to me to. 60,000 km on a 2000 Golf 18T manual.
When the car engine brakes and decelerates exactly at 3400 rpm there is a rattle. Likewise as I accelerate or decelerate past 3400 rpm with the clutch in or out (eg accelerate past 3400, clutch in, coast... as the engine decellerates past 3400 rpm= rattle).
Any ideas?
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