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I have a 92 Gti 16v (with 2Y) trans. I had to replace the trans cuz i messed up 1st gear (long story). So i repaced it and while i was in there decided to replace the clutch also. (since i was in there might as well replace the clutch disc right?)
So i just replaced the disc. And a friend of mines used the green clutch aligner when putting the flywheel on. We made sure everything looked fine on the clutch release and around the pressure plate, then aligned the clutch disc in the flywhee.
Bam put the flywheel on... torqued down properly.... everything was straight.
Put a brand new clutch cable in.... and the works.
So about 2 weeks later i had to keep adjusting my clutch cable for the damn clutch would engage, thinking I got a faulty clutch cable. But nope.... The clutch cable breaks.
So I knew it was something in the transmission. So I take the tranny off and flywheel off. And I see that the PushRod PUnched a hole thru the Clutch Release plate

That thing. So that is why the clutch was not engaging...
This happeend to my 88 GTI 16v..... same thing. A friend of mine told me it was because the clutch was not aligned when they put the flywheel on.
I was told by another friend that the pressure plate goes bad. But how does that thing go bad?
The pressure plate and clutch release plate had maybe 20k miles on it in about 3 years or less.
So I know it didn't go bad.
I dunno, I just want to nkow if I should spend the $60 and get the new pressure plate, or just get the new clutch release plate.
This is my dilema. Now you help

Thanx alot!


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Re: Clutch Release Plate (Thrust Plate) has a hole punched in it... What causes this? (MK2NRG)

Pressure plates can fail in a way that extreme pedal pressure is required and that will cause it to split the hole in the release plate, which eventually goes through.
Got a pic of the holed plate?
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