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Clutch ?

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Just wondering...my clutch doesnt seem to slip at all, but it releases very high in the travel (IE i have to pick up foot up a lot before it engages). Is this normal for a Jetta VR6? 84ooo mi, prob original clutch as far as i know. The reason i ask is cause i drove a 93 corrado today and the clutch let out a lot lower. It felt a lot smoother too, my clutch is kinda harder to get a smooth start/smooth shifts...but then again the corrado is a different car...maybe stiffer motor mounts would help keep the engine from moving and make my shifts a little smoother?

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Re: Clutch ? (VR6 Mk3)

you should upgrade your clutch just to be safe .. over 80 k you should have already upgraded it .... i suggest a sachs sports clutch for street/race program http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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i think im gonna wait until it actually goes bad before i replace it, and save my money for other stuff
Re: Clutch ? (VR6 Mk3)

Hmm. I think it might just be the way it is.

On my 16V Passat the clutch engages much lower and is not very forgiving for unexperienced manual drivers. However, I love the engine and the clutch and find it amazingly smooth and a wonder to shift with.
My brother '85 Jetta with the orignial clutch and engine engaged higher up and was more forgiving but his new 2.1L 8V with different clutch components makes it a little more like the Passy.
My mother '89 Golf Diesal is a hoot, on the other hand. My mom is a new standard driver and she loves it because it is reeaallly forgiving. With 50hp (or about that
), my brother has dumped the clutch: the car sort of stumbled and then started moving and never stalled. LOL! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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