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We're pleased to announce the availability of Cobalt Friction Surface's new XR2 Front Brake Pads for the 42/FG Audi R8 at 034Motorsport!

These are the very same brake pads we used on the 034Motorsport 8S Audi TTRS for track days. They are extremely well-suited for the stock calipers, and we highly recommend using them in conjunction with the Girodisc Lightweight 2-Piece Front Rotors.

Cobalt XR2 is a high torque material featuring an initial bite that is 8-10% lower than XR1, but with the same controlled transition to a linear, rising torque curve. Improved modulation, threshold control and release characteristics make the XR2 particularly well-suited for chassis and tire combinations which do not respond well to excessive initial brake energy, but still require a high average torque level.

Similarly, vehicles normally equipped with XR1 can move directly to the XR2 when low-grip conditions present themselves unexpectedly (e.g. qualifying in the dry, but rain/wet conditions on race day) without sacrificing or experiencing a change in pedal feel, consistency, or brake capacity.

As with all Cobalt Friction XR-Series Carbon-Ceramic friction materials, the XR2 does not require any bedding¹, and will deliver 100% consistent performance within 1-2 laps, while still maintaining a superior, uniform disc finish.

  • No Bedding Required to Achieve Full Frictional Performance
  • Unmatched Disc Finish with a Minimum 50% Improvement in Disc Life
  • Highest Torque vs. Initial Disc Temperature Stability and Consistency
  • Highest Repeatability vs. Number of Heat Cycles of any Racing Brake Pad
Application Guide:
  • 2008 - 2014 Audi R8 (42/FG)
  • Fits Steel Brakes Only!

For a True OEM+ Braking Setup, we recommend pairing these brake pads with Girodisc Lightweight 2-Piece Front Rotors!

Please feel free to send me a PM or email if you have any questions!

Click Here to Order!
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