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Codes for B4 '97

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I remeber seeing a post on how to get blink codes from a B3.
Is there a way to do that with a B4?
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Re: Codes for B4 '97 (slayman)

AS far as I know, NO. I've been trying, to no avail.
Re: Codes for B4 '97 (slayman)

Us B4 owners need a VAG tool to read ours. No blink codes for us
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Re: Codes for B4 '97 (slayman)

I know its not the same as flashing diagnostic codes, and I forgot the exact procedure, but you can get a bunch of dignostic codes and troubleshopoting tools to display on your LCD. I knwo that a digi-tach is included, along with a few other functions....post this over in the 12v vr6 forum...I know someone over there has it comitted to memory...
Re: Codes for B4 '97 (slayman)

Sorry, no blink codes forthe B4;
I use the XRAY EZ-Link because it can be used in the VW and all OBD1 and OBD2 AND OBD2(series 2) cars with all codes displayed clearly and can be loaded to the computer. It is more than the VAg tool, but it much more flexible.
Re: Codes for B4 '97 (slayman)

There's a link on my site that gives a run down on a dyi style fault code reading...
under models -> b4 specific -> b4 diagnostic trouble codes
Hope that helps ya, and saves ya some money!!!
(if you got anything to add to the site send it my way!!!)
Re: Codes for B4 '97 (VR6Stress)

Those instructions are for the B3, not B4.
Re: Codes for B4 '97 (cnap)

quote:[HR][/HR]Those instructions are for the B3, not B4.[HR][/HR]​
My b3 doesn't have a check engine light. I don't have the picture on the page, but on the original page (which is linked) will show the blinking light. It is the check engine light. between the brake light and the abs light. Unless those rumored 94 b3's have a check engine light, the set up is for a b4. I went through this last time I mentioned the link....
Re: Codes for B4 '97 (VR6Stress)

"There's a link on my site that gives a run down on a dyi style fault code reading...http://vr6stress.vwmafia.net/passat/"
The B4 has the vag hookup in the dash, not under the shift boot. I asked the dealer about this ( thinking I can follow the B3 instructions ) and they said you can do it if you want to puke the computer. I think I will use caution here and not do it.
Re: Codes for B4 '97 (96passatowner)

i don't want to be punky here, but did you check under your shift boot or take your dealers word for it?
some dealers are correct, others don't know much of anything...i can't say if this works or not, i don't own a b4...
like i said before, b3's don't have a check engine light...b4's do...i dunno...if i'm wrong i'm wrong...
Re: Codes for B4 '97 (VR6Stress)

The B4 does not have those connectors under the boot. My friend's 1994 B3 VR6 DOES.. That's definitely not for a B4.. B4's have the connector, ODBII style, in the dash...
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