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Coil Pack Questions, Answers & Rants

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Re: Coil Pack Questions, Answers & Rants (snarbles)

This is such a terrible problem.
I haven't seen any enthusiasts like myself who AREN'T complaining about the problem. I mean, what else can anybody do?
Just by doing a search in Google.com for "Volkswagen coil" proves to me that this problem is HUGE. There are so many car review sites where people are bashing VW. So many reviews rave about how wonderful the cars are, but then the overall recommendation is to not buy the car due to coilpack problems.
I just think this is really sad for both enthusiasts like myself (who have actually dealt with the coilpack problem) as well as Volkswagen (AG, oA).

I love my 1.8T!

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Re: Coil Pack Questions, Answers & Rants (LangsamKafer)

I think I just had a coilpack go out in my VR6. Are they covered under the emissions warranty? I have 42k miles so the standard warranty is out. And if it isn't covered under warranty, does anyone know if VWoA will pay for them?

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My letter to VW

29 January 2003
Mr. Gerd Klauss
President and CEO
Volkswagen of America, Inc.
3800 Hamlin Rd.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Mr. Klauss,
The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the problems that I have had with my 2002 VW Jetta 1.8L Turbo (VIN – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) and to inform you that I am investigating my options under the protections afforded consumers by the Virginia lemon law. I purchased the vehicle on September 7, 2001, from Springfield VW in Springfield, Virginia.
In early September 2002 (21K miles), I was driving my vehicle when the car suddenly lost power, the malfunction indicator light came on, and the car began to shudder. After pulling over to the side of the road and calling College Park VW, I was advised to drive the car into the dealership. I did so, driving the car down Rt. 1, a major thoroughfare, at approximately 25mph. The service technicians found that the #2 coil had failed and replaced it.
Several months later, in mid-December 2002 (25K miles), I was driving again when my car experienced exactly the same symptoms. Fortunately, I was driving on local roads in College Park, Maryland, when the problems occurred and slowly made the short drive back to the dealership. When the service technicians informed me that the #2 coil had failed again, they also said that the replacement coils (the “J” models) were on backorder due to the fact that the original coils (the “H” models) for the 2002 1.8T’s were failing left and right. I asked that all four coils be replaced with the newer “J” models but was informed that the dealerships were only allowed to replace the coils as they failed one-by-one. This time, I received a replacement #2 coil (“J” model) and the electronic control module was replaced.
This past weekend, January 25, 2003, I was pulling into traffic on Rt. 1 in College Park, MD, when my car suddenly lost power and began to shake dramatically. I was nearly struck by several vehicles when this occurred and as I was easing my car off of the roadway. I drove my shuddering VW back to the dealership once more. Unfortunately, as it was Saturday afternoon, the car rental facility that College Park VW deals with was closed and I was left without a rental car until Monday morning.
I called VW customer service on Monday, January 27, 2003, and spoke with Michelle Van Buren (XXXXXXXXXXXX). Before learning that my #2 coil had failed again (the “J” model), as well as the #4 coil (presumably one of the older “H” models), I asked why VW refused to replace all four coils with the newer model ones when it was clear that the older models were susceptible to failure. She stated that there is no guarantee that the coils will fail. Later that day, after learning that the #2 coil had failed again (“J” model), I asked the service technician I’ve dealt with at College Park VW, Ali Basma, how the replacement coils that his shop would be putting into my car differ from the #2 coil which just failed. He said that he wasn’t sure that there was a difference. When I called VW customer service again on Tuesday, January 28, I spoke with Diane Rice. When I expressed concern that the supposedly new, improved coil (“J” model) had failed once before in my car and asked why I should trust that the new ones which would be put in this time wouldn’t fail again, she basically said that she didn’t know what to tell me and would bring this issue to the attention of her superiors at VW.
From what I’ve read, a huge number of 1.8T owners have also had their engine coils fail on multiple occasions. However, your corporation does not consider the sudden, unexpected failures of these coils in thousands of 1.8T’s to constitute a safety issue and has decided not to recall them. I would argue that losing a significant amount of horsepower and having your car shudder uncontrollably while driving is a serious safety concern. Additionally, after having one fail on me less than one month after having it installed, I am not convinced that the replacement “J” coils are any more reliable than the coils they are replacing. I am dismayed that the 1988 car I got rid of when I decided to purchase a VW was much more reliable than the 2002 car I am driving now. When I get my car back shortly, I will once again be driving a car with an engine that could lose power at any given moment. Who is to say that the next time one or more coils fail, the results will not be catastrophic?
I am forwarding copies of this letter to the dealership where I purchased the car, the dealership that services my car, the major television news affiliates in the Washington, DC, area, the Washington Post, the Better Business Bureau, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administraion.

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Coil Pack

I find it annoying that VWoA has known about the VR6 coil pack issues for years and they don't even acknowledge it is a problem. Just be happy they at least listen to compaints with the 1.8T. I have a 1997 Jetta GLX with 76k miles and I am on my 3rd coil pack and it too is going. I've had the standard MAF issue as well, however that was covered by the warranty back in the day.
I've been stranded on several occasions due to the coil pack and have to let the car "dry out". Each time the cause of the coil pack finally going on the fritz was not driving the car for a couple days when it was damp or raining. Get in the car......flashy check engine light.
At least with the 1.8T each coil is separate and you can easily carry a spare. The VR6's is one pack of six coils.......cheapest I've seen the part is $240. No way am I carrying a spare at $240....hell the thing would probably go south sitting in my trunk.
Rant over.....sorry.

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Re: Coil Pack Questions, Answers & Rants (LangsamKafer)

only one quetion! why is'nt VW gonna reinburse me for my coil pack burning out. one blew and I had to change all 4 and I had to $450 out of my own pocket for parts and labor.
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