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Coilover adjustments for the winter...

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I have a set of H & R's and i'm about to raise them for the winter months. Has anyone with H & R's done this with their ride? Any instructions...i'm told that two coilover wrenches which came with the kit is for the front set of coilovers and for the rear i have to use an 8 mm allan wrench. Is this true?
thanks, Ghost.
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Re: Coilover adjustments for the winter... (Silver Ghost)

i have adjusted my coilovers way to many times, considering they are adjustable .. hehehe anyway, yes you use teh two wrenches, one small and one big. teh small one is for teh one that will lock teh bigger plate in place. this is easy. best bet , is to jack up car , talke off teh tire. the ride will tighten a little, not the dampening, but the rate at which teh spring will bounce back. if yoiu have regular H&R coilovers like most, liek M this 1 said, count teh amount of times you turn teh pirch. make a mark on each plate, scrape teh metal to make it visible. if im not mistaken, i have found that every two full turns is liek an 1/8 of an inch. i upgraded my springs to a much higher spring rate, and that doesnt work for me anymore .. hehhee anyway. just make sure you remeber teh amount of turns, and that you twist teh smaller plate back up to teh bigger one to lock in place.
hope that helps.
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Re: Coilover adjustments for the winter... (Boge VR6)

oh, didnt relize you had a MK4 ... teh allen key bolt is most likelly for the back. teh adjustment i believe is under the spring.
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