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WARNING/LEGAL ADDRESS: I am NOT a professional or trained and therefore I take no credit for any damages/deaths/injuries that occur while using anything in this thread. Always have a trained professional work on your car. AKA DON'T SUE ME IF U F...K UP!
Also as stated above I'm not a pro so I'm sure there are better methods then my own. so if u know a better way, please contribute! :thumbup:

OKAY! on to the DIY

Specialty tools i recommend www.Metalnerd.com good ppl :thumbup:
14 mm 12 Point Driver

Strut Spreader Bit

Specialty Double 21 & 22 mm Strut Nut Sockets

Assorted tools
13mm short socket
16mm deep socket
17mm or lug wrench
18mm standard socket
18mm deep socket
axle bolt 27mm socket 6point (old bolt) or 24mm socket 12point (revised bolt)
Automotive jack
2 or 4 jack stands
Needle nose locking pliers (i used them between the front sway bar link bushing and bracket since it just spins and wasn't loosening or tightening)
Spring compressor or 2 (i did w/o but for this u'll need replacement strut mounts & strut bearings
breaker bar recommended
a partner is also recommended or rig up a block of wood to hold the break when tightening axle like i did :laugh:
PB blaster or similar

these are recommended to be replaced: 2 front Strut mounts , 2 front Strut Bearings, 2 Axle Bolt, 2 Strut Pinch Bolts. Replace rear bolts if u'd like as well. ECS provides all these in a kit.
Assembling Coilover
Place the double socket like so with a hex driver (sorry to say i dont remember the size since i borrowed it) and tighten the nut to 60Nm/44ft-lb

Front Suspension\
Start by loosening the wheel lugs a bit and loosen the axle bolt (DO NOT LOOSEN MORE THEN 1/4 turn) while on the ground

Jack up car and place ur jack stands, refer to the manual if ur unsure as to where to place them. remove wheels.
Remove swaybar endlink on both sides. 18mm + needle nose vice like so

un-clip speed sensor wire and HID's where applicable
Remove bolts under wheel bearing housing. 16mm
Remove lower strut bolt. 14mm 12point driver + 18mm deep socket on opposite side

Place jack under wheel bearing housing, i used the brake rotor since this is just to support weight
Remove axle bolt. Tap with socket extension or similar so axle comes free

Use strut spreader, turn 90 degrees to spread.

Use the PB blaster or other on the lower strut and allow to set .
now jiggle that sucker loose
Once the lower end of the strut is loose, remove the three nuts under the rain tray

now repeat on the other side and then install the coilover or spring/struts.

Front Torque #'s
3 mounting bolts for upper strut mount 15Nm/11ft-lb +1/4 turn or 90 degrees
Strut nut 60Nm/44ft-lb
3 bolts, ball joint to control arm 60Nm/44ft-lb
Front sway bar end link 65Nm/48ft-lb
Lower Strut 70Nm/52ft-bl +1/4 turn or 90 degrees
6point axle bolt 120Nm/90ft-lb
Revised 12point axle bolt 70ft-lb

i haven't had a chance to take pix of the rear but its pretty strait forward

i have a video i made with my iphone but i need to edit+ upload it still, something i have no experience with so bare with me

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This could help when i do my passat in a few weeks :D

Nice work man!:thumbup:

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I know its not needed to remove the axle bolt, but if you are having problems getting the strut to wiggle out, I would def pull the bolt and undo the lower ball joint from the lower control arm. If you cant get it out at that point, you might wanna take it to a pro :laugh:

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instead of a new thread I thought I'd ask it here.

How did you torque down the nut at the end of the strut (the 44ft-lbs one)? I cant seem to get it torqued properly without my allen wrench twisting. I tried using vice grips but the shaft is still twisting. Any tips? :confused:

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See my first pic, the one with me tightening the strut mount to the strut. use the 21/22mm double socket with the Allen thu it and the torque wrench connected to the double socket. It looks/sounds tricky but it's easy. FYI, the torque wrench stays at a 90 degree angle to the double socket

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Shadow: Thank you for the writeup. Very much appreciated. :thumbup:

Could someone please explain the method of NOT removing the axle bolt?

going off memory, so someone correct me if im wrong:

with both front wheels on jack stands. if you disconnect the front sway bar on both sides and remove the lower strut bolt (the one where u use a spreader) u can then use a long bar to push the wheel bearing housing down and off the strut. lots of anti-rust spray with lube would be recommended since mine wouldnt come out, but i didnt try very hard :p

something like that i believe. either way, you save about 30min.
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