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coilover kits for Rabbit PU

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DRIVEGTI told me about a coilover kit that someone makes for the PU. I guess you use a rabbit rear beam and then have to cut through the bed for the struts. any body got any info on them??
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Re: coilover kits for Rabbit PU (crashpeltzer)

i think its near imposable to put the rabbit rear beam in, you can put coilovers in the front but your screwed in the back... you have to find another way to lower it... flip the axle, remove a leaf, have the leafs de-arched, have custom leafs made, make a drop down bracket for the stub axles.....
here is a good kit i found for the p/u and coilevers http://www.rapidparts.com/weitec/Pages/sc_new.html
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