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coilover kits for Rabbit PU

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DRIVEGTI told me about a coilover kit that someone makes for the PU. I guess you use a rabbit rear beam and then have to cut through the bed for the struts. any body got any info on them??
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Re: coilover kits for Rabbit PU (MiCrO)

I KNOW that there has to be a way to fabricate suspension in the back. I'll find it, then post the site or work it takes. My truck is already slammed on 16's, I just NEED coilovers. I've had them on two cars (79 Rabbit 87 GTI) and I can't live without them now. I know I spoiled myself getting them before. It's like, once you go coilovers, nothing else is even close. Anybody else have that feeling also?
Re: coilover kits for Rabbit PU (jagdflieger)

Does he have them in the REAR though? that's my biggest question.
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