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Does anyone know how easy or hard it is to install a new set of coilovers on a mk6 Jetta? I've found a decent set that come pre loaded so in theory it should be too hard to install but I'm relatively new to working on my Jetta.

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Its not too bad I did mine in my apartment parking lot.

Before you buy determine if you have a 50mm or 55mm strut housing.
Majority of MK6 is 55mm
70% sure its only the early Pre-facelift Jetta S with the 2.0 and torsion beam rear suspension that has the 50mm housings up front.
If you have an SE or a GLI you should be good with the 55mm. (For example: my 2014 SE was 55mm and independent rear)

The rears are stupid easy. you will know what to do by looking at it, if not -> youtube

The front sucks....When you do the fronts, do them simultaneously.
Get a strut housing spreader to make it easier. (if not you can use whatever you have available to spread the housing. ex. Flathead,1/4 ratchet, chisels, ive seen people use w.e. they have around.)

Put the whole front end on jackstands.
Remove wheels
Remove ABS sensor brackets
Disconnect [BOTH SIDES] swaybar endlinks.
Remove m14 triple square holding the housing tight around the strut.
Remove the three fasteners on the bottom holding the ball-joint to the lower control arm to give the assembly some room to move.
Remove three tophat fasteners under the plastic rain tray. - some people remove the wipers and the rain tray, I just lifted the front of the raintray and was able to get to the bolts.
Insert strut spreader and turn 90 degrees to spread the housing and release the strut.

THEN if you and a friend are able to wiggle the OEM strut out (maybe stand on the brake rotor while friend pulls and wiggles the strut) you MIGHT not have to pull an axel.

The "correct" way is to pull the axel but I did NOT need to on my MK6.

Your coilovers will be shorter than the OEM strut and should fit back in with room to spare.

I recommend adjustable endlinks in front at least. Depending on mileage you might snap the bolt when removing the OEM endlinks... mine snapped.

Also, if you go super low.
Be mindful of how tall your jack is. (it might fit before, but when you finish and try to set your slammed jetta back down on the ground you may not have clearance.

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hell of a write up bay
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