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Cold Air Intake?

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Could anyone recommend a good cold air intake system for a Jetta 2.0?
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Re: Cold Air Intake? (Duo128)

jesus really helpful crowd...
i think possibly that AEM might have one now (not sure about the 2.0) and possibly BMC as well, but I dont have a 2.0 so im not much help
the search really might be your best bet here, just make sure you search 'post bodies' or its pretty useless, good luck!
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Re: Cold Air Intake? (lizerd)

Might wanna check into the evo setup. Not sure if it works on a 2.0 or not, but its worth a try!
Re: Cold Air Intake? (Duo128)

How about the custom OEM airbox CAI??
Re: Cold Air Intake? (user name unknown)

Custom OEM, isnt that an OXYMORON? I assuem you mean custom piping to the OEM airbox.
Ask to the Upsolute guys if the Viper is available for 2.0L.
Re: Cold Air Intake? (ROCKRLR)

The Viper is availible for the 2.0 but it has not been tested to show gains for that model.
Re: Cold Air Intake? (Valois)

Meaning no one has bought one and done before/after dynoes for the Viper?
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