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Cold Start rattling noise....

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I have a 96 Passat GLS with a 2.0L 8V motor in it. When I start my car in the morning in temps below 30 degrees, I hear a rattling noise coming from somewhere near the AC compressor. It sounds like ball bearings that are not lubed well. After about 3-4 minutes, it is gone.
Any info would be great.
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Re: Cold Start rattling noise.... (shartley)

I had a similar issue on an old car of mine. The car (actually a 92 Chevy S-10) did the same thing at startup. Ended up being the alternator. Get either and automotive stethoscope or a long a$$ screwdriver or piece of metal. Put it on the compressor housing and put your ear on the other end. Do you hear the noise through the screwdriver? Well, then you found your problem. Also, my 2.0 8V kinda makes a rattling sound at startup. Mine is a lifter making noise. After it gets oiled, it shuts up. I'm ordering my cam and chip next month so I can let it go for now. If it makes you feel better, let it idle till it warms up. Then start driving. Try squirting some lubricant (try something thicker than WD40 if you can) to shut it up.
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