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These last few morning the car has started up fine, but starts out
idling at around 1800 rpm (which is odd) and then a few seconds later
drops dead. i was able to crank it over again and it stated at
1000rpm, dropped to 800 which is normal, then i let it sit for about
a minute and drove off . .everything was fine. but yesterday after
work i started it, same problem, let it sit and then drove off, it
seemed to shift jerky into the gears when i let of the clutch and
then when i had to stop of a red light as soon as i pushed the clutch
in at a low speed it stalled out on me and wouldn't crank over again.
i had to crank it and hit the gas while in first which the clutch in,
then then let off and i could go again, after that it was fine for
the rest of the drive...anyone know what is going on? i dont want to
get stranded anywhere. it doesn't do it when the car has been
recently driven, i let it sit outside for a hour yesterday after the
incident when i got home and it started fine and drove fine.

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Re: Cold Start Stalling (MeanGrnGLX)

mine has sorta the same problem.. but mine doesnt want to idle in the morning. i have to keep it running for about 30-45secs and even then its stumbling. i'm getting a new chip soon so hopefully that will fix it.
you might want to try to reset your chip if you have one. unplug the - terminal on your battery for a few mins, then plug it back in. put the key in and turn to "on" for 5 mins and dont touch the gas. then your supposed to start and let it idle for 5 without touching the gas.
maybe that will help

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Re: Cold Start Stalling (MeanGrnGLX)

The only thing I have found to cure it is gas line antifreeze (which is methyl alcohol). Used
immediately and in the second, sometimes third tank seems to solve the problem entirely. This is suposed to be in winter gas any way?
However you still need to add it yourself sometimes.
I suspect that somehow water is getting into the tank. Condensation or run off from god knows where? I tried painting the
filler neck. I have suspected the cars porous old fabric surface vacuum tubes. But I am pretty sure that somehow it is
water in the fuel system because alcohol seems to drive it out. Got it after days of rain/low fuel tank. Now after the winter months.
Hope this helps.
I think I have two problems. 1 being the idle stabilization valve (it seems solved by gas line antifreeze) and 2 the coil pack. I coated the cracks in the sides of
the coil pack today.
I had misfiring at idle, lots of rain lately. We will see..

[Modified by GREEN95GTIVR6, 9:28 PM 4-15-2002]

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Re: Cold Start Stalling (GREEN95GTIVR6)

Well i havn't tried this yet, but it seems promising, i got this response from another VR6 forum, i'm gunna give it a try this weekend, if anyone else does it, let me know how it works out:
Providing your car is OBDI, this is classic idle stabilisation valve
You'll find the valve under the plastic engine cover at the back, just to
the right of the middle.
It is a rotary solenoid valve, uses a variable duty cycle square wave from
the ecu to 'hold' the valve in different positions with a very fast response
time, and it gets gummed up with oil and crap coming in with the air supply
till one day it gets stuck for a moment, then the idle either climbs sky
high or drops so low that the engine stalls.
First thing it to take it out and flush it through with carb cleaner/brake
cleaner etc (it is metal), I had to do this a couple of times before the
problem went away
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