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Color matching

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Hey guys, i was just wondering how hard it would be to color match my side skirts, rear apron, and euro vr6 chin....a lot of sanding need to be done to get the texture off??
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Re: Color matching (EuroSport98)

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Re: Color matching (EuroSport98)

you want to do the painting yourself??
if not, just let he body shop take care of it.....oh yeah and make sure thay put some flex agent in there.
Re: Color matching (gti.vr6_narcissist)

whats that stuff?
Re: Color matching (gti.vr6_narcissist)

I don't remember the exact procedure to sanding the texturre off, but I do know thet you don't want to just take some sandpaper to them. If you do that they will pill and be worse off. Look through the search function, questions like this have been asked before and the procedure for sanding has been described.
Re: Color matching (JPawn1)

Take it to a shop...the danger of sanding yourself is that, well, your skin will fall off...but seriuosly, the danger of doing the sanding yourself is that it is very easy to put low spots into the plastic that will show when painted. It is doable, but some shops may not want to do it because there is a chance it will crack of not done right so just do some leg work and visit a few shops. It does look good when it is done....
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