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Re: Coming in September- 2003 AV series Ford Falcon (bgluckman)

IIRC, the Australian Falcon has a lot in common with the platypus, the egg-laying mammal, at least in terms of evolution. I believe it can trace its platform back to a the 60's Ford Galaxie. In the US, that car became the Fairmont and finally the Tempo before becoming extinct; somehow it still lives on Down Under. [HR][/HR]​
The US Galaxie was a separate frame car, and had nothing to do with the Fairmont.
The Fairmont was the first of the Fox chassis cars, that spawned the Fox Mustang, the '80s T bird, and was modified to be the SN95 Mustang in '94. The Tempo was a FWD platform that shared more with the US Escort than anything. The original '60 Falcon gave us the original Mustang and Cougar, Fairlane/Meteor, Torino, the Maverick, and finally the Granada, before vanishing.
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