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completed: X-flow ABA in my scirocco

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i first posted this in the hybrid/swap forum, but it was suggested that i
ask you guys...
i just finnished putting a complete crossflow 2.0 8v ABA from a 94 jetta
in my rocco w/ the motronic injection (OBD1). Also put in a neuspeed
268 cam and a giac chip.
runs pretty well, haven't broke in the clutch yet, so i haven't revved it
too high, but it seems strong.
the throttle response kinda sucks though, i'm used to CIS.. but i still
have some debugging to do.
i was doing the bentley electrical tests and the check between pins 33
and 54 on the ecu harness failled ... according to the test, pin 33 is
suppose to be ground, but in the wiring diagrams it doesn't seem to be
(it's only the common sensor grounds .. not actually "(-) ground")
the 4th test for the TPS (as the throttle is opened the resistance is said
to increase .. but mine decreases?!?)
anyone here with a OBD1 2.0l 8v able to help me out here? i'm thinking it
might be an error in the bentley (or maybe someone has an updated bentley,
i have the one that goes to '97)
the idle is a bit lumpy but i don't think the cam is that wild and there is a
definite flat spot at 2000 rpm, which also seems weird..
anyways, still alot of work to do
old site .. http://scirocco.psycode.com/aba
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Re: completed: X-flow ABA in my scirocco (nscirocco)

hey thats cool to see someone else doing this swap... I'm right in the middle of it. Already had the 2.0 block in it, just moving over the xflow and motronic (obd-2). How well did the head fit in there? I was told I would have to cut the hood supports because of the added height! Sorry i dont have any suggestions for your problems, as I still wont be done for a bit. how do you like it overall? more power up top than with the non-xflow head?
good luck
Re: completed: X-flow ABA in my scirocco (sporter)

you have to cut the hood frame to make the intake fit.
are you using the obd2 throttle body? i think it's even higher than the intake .. you might have to invert it somehow
i started writing down some notes here:
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