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Compression ratio...

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Does a thicker headgasket increase or decrease compression ratio? I'm thinking since it's gonna be taller, it's gonna increase stroke and increase cr. Someone tell me if I am right and if not, let me know. Thanks.
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Re: Compression ratio... (A2 VW)

My guess is that it would decrease. More space in the the motor less compression. But, like I said, it is only a guess.
Re: Compression ratio... (azul)

Thicker decreases comp ratio
Re: Compression ratio... (A2 VW)

Ummmmmmmm, stoke is determined by the crankshaft, it has NOTHING to do with the thickness of your head gasket.
BTW, a thicker gasket decreases compression ratio and vice versa.
Re: Compression ratio... (VR6guy)

Yah I realize that now, more volume. Thanks all.
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