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picked up a compression tester.
removed coils and plugs,
unplugged injectors
cranked engine 3-4 times while holding gas pedal.
cylinder 1 120
cylinder 2 120
cylinder 3 90
cylinder 4 120
i've used mobile 1 5w30 consistently. went to 5w40 and went back to 5w30 this weekend and the CEL came on for cylinder 3 misfire
i put a cap of 5w40 into cylinder 3 and the compression came up to 120....
any thoughts ??
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Re: compression test.... 106k (checkdalevel)

Sorry to threadjack. But. Thicker oil in my experience makes an engine last much longer as well as maintain compression much longer. My A4 1.8t I ran both mobil 1 20w-50 and 15w-50 from new. When I sold it after being chipped and or mt its entire life still had in the neighborhood of 160-170 on all cylinders at 176,000ish miles. My jetta same thing. Although its been stock most of its life is in great shape engine wise for a 200,000 mile car. The original turbo still boosts well too. Mobil 1 15w-50 and 20w-50 since new. Doesn't consume any oil.. A couple times I changed it with thin stuff because I couldn't get what I needed. Every time the engine got louder and you could feel the difference. Each time I drained it as soon as possible and put the thick stuff back in. The car was happy again...

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Re: (richa3turbo)

Just for comparison I ran whatever the deal said to run for the 50k while the car was under their warranty. After that I switched to Mobile 1 0w40 and a few others my local shop used like Elf. A couple of months ago I had a compression test done to check the engine, and my readings were either 180 or 182 across the board. The car at that time had 115k miles on the clock, I am now at 118k.
We did the test because my car smokes at startup or if it sits idle for awhile. We feel its my turbo slowly dieing.
As far as mods I have GIAC X+ (have always run either 93 or 94 octane) and a Techtonics Tuning Turboback Exhaust, thats it.

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