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condensation in tail lights

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will it just evaporate eventually?
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Re: condensation in tail lights (BoraVR6)

could that really be the problem? will the condensation in there go away eventually? i tried to dry it out with a blow dryer but that doesn't help b/c the moisture is between two layers of the plastic that i can't get to

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Re: condensation in tail lights (WannaCorrado)

not much at all in there......i tried to make sure everything is sealed off, it looks pretty good i think...we'll find out when it rains i guess b/c i'm afraid to spray it with the hose
Re: condensation in tail lights (eckogolf4)

there's not much there at all, the thing is it has been there for 2 days...
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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