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Considering Doing a Swap into an A2

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I am selling My GTI. I am considering doing a swap into some sort of A2. Are there any Swap kits to put a VR6 or 1.8t in? How much should I expect to pay to complete this project? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Considering Doing a Swap into an A2 (vr6willeatyou)

"swap kits" can be bought at the junyard

No, there is no swap kit. A2 people are mainly wrench heads and collect parts for swaps....or you could just get the check book out and write on big one for the swap you want...
for a VR swap no less than 4k done right, 1.8t you can double it...
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Re: Considering Doing a Swap into an A2 (PAGTI91)

a very good friend of mine just got a 1.8t with less than 6k on the clock for 2875$CDN and the instalation is about 2500-3000$CDN at Trac Racing
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