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#3 it is pretty easy to just use MK4 shifter boxh/cables....easier to source than any of the euro stuff

#4 Custom clutch line is one option (probably any local hydraulic place could help you out with this one). But another option is also to just use MK4 pedals/booster/clutch master....thats what i did but i also used complete MK4 abs system and needed the DBW pedal...

#6 You need to match the flywheel/clutch to the tranny so yes they are needed. (of coarse different flywheels for 4 and 6 cyl)

#7 Yes G60 will need VR6 hubs (and yes VR6 hubs will work with G60 spindles), so if you are shortening stock O2M axles you dont have to swap to plus susp. Keep in mind this wont work if you are buying axles from DSS or alike since they will most likely be made for plus susp.
For reference, I'm running shortened stock axles (put about 12k miles on them) without problems, and many track passes on them too.

2. Haldex Swap

Parts Needed
1. That is the easiest option which i also took. But brackets to hold the diff to the beam could be easily made by yourself also...

2. Passat floor pan probably wouldnt work too well in corrado
I have used rallye floor pan and passat syncro crossmember and had to modufy the floor to use passat tank. So the passat tank can be used but if i were to do it again i would just use sheet metal for floor and some type of fuel cell for tank. easier and cheaper...

3. answered aboove. But to use rallye tank you pretty much need all stock parts in the back like floor pan and crossmember which are hard to find nowadays.

5. 02m shortened driveshaft works fine...

6. There is 2 types of rear control arms (i think it was early ones ond newer ones but dont wuote me on that). Anyway one of them, newer i think, use same wheel bearing as all MK2/MK3/corrado front so you can use front VR6 hubs in those rear control arms.
Now axles. IIRC haldex diff is about 20mm wider total so about 10mm each side. haldex rear axles from R32 or TT wont work as they are too long. So you need passat syncro axle shaft which are still about 10mm too long. Unfortunately i didnt take any pics of this but i installed inner CV jopint without the plastic washer and spring washer and it worked that way...yes the axle is a bit long and a paint to install but onse in works fine...at least so far i havent had any issues with them.
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