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Re: Cool sighting today (evanl)

quote:[HR][/HR]Oh man, I was watching the news and I found out this was part of a drug bust! Police raided a car dealership near where I saw the cars. They showed footage of the police hauling away a bunch of fancy cars as evidence.
So I was getting on the freeway after leaving work and I passed a flat-bed truck carrying:
1. A lime green Lamborghini Murcielago
2. A silver Jaguar XJ220
3. A black Lotus Esprit
That made my day. That's, what, a million dollars worth of cars? Anyone know how rare the Jaguar is?[HR][/HR]​
I was just about to say that, after seeing the bust on the news. They said the Jag belonged to Mike Tyson (but the reporter was pointing at the green Muricelago, so you never know). There was also an F50, and many other exotics. And there were several raised Excursions, one of which was Dennis Rodmans. But if you ever want to see those cars, take a trip to Keyulkian Motorcars (their slogan is "Cars over 200mph") on Wilshire in Beverly Hills. Last time I was there, they had 3 race-prepped Diablos, several stock 2001 Diablos, a Muricelago, an XJ220 and a Bugatti EB110. I also found a gunmetal Muricelago in front of a house on PCH three days ago (the plate holder was from Keyulkian Motorcars).
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