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coolant hose

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i just burst one of my coolant hoses yesterday while the car was idling about in my driveway and i was working on it. (not a fun surprise) so i replaced the hose and was just wondering about how long do coolant hoses last? im starting to think this is the beginning of a domino effect and i should replace them all for insurance.
also, who sells hoses cheaper than the dealer? thanks.
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Re: coolant hose (bpfoley)

I usually try to replace mine every 5 years or so along with the belts.
Then, keep the old hoses for spares.
Re: coolant hose (bpfoley)

What VWcaddy said.
5 years, whether they need it or not for belts and hoses.
I buy my hoses from Techtonics.
Make a list of the part numbers, makes ordering much easier next time.
fat biker
Re: coolant hose (bpfoley)

Yeah man, I had a beauty day planned at White Rock with a girl. I parked, and noticed coolant coming from underneath the car. Yeah, I was leaking like a siv.

So I had a friend come out with some tools and we tried to just cut it and stretch it so I could limp home. But alas, no luck. Had to get it towed, ALL THE WAY TO ABBOTSFORD!!!! http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
Oh well, I dunno bout replaced all my hoses. But it definitely couldn't hurt.
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