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Hey, I am looking for any help I can get here. I replaced my head, water pump and timing belt not too long ago and the car has been slowly leaking coolant ever since. The first time that It got bad it turned out to be the coolant temperature sensor housing. I replaced that and the leaking slowed down.

It recently got bad again and I started tearing into the motor yesterday.

There are streaks of coolant lines running down the front of the oil pan and the side of block in front of the water pump. The car can idle in the driveway with no noticeable leaks but, upon driving around the block the coolant level will drop drastically and there will be coolant dripping from the sub frame and the oil pan. there is no coolant in the oil or oil in the coolant.

I have pulled of the passenger side motor mount and the water pump cover. There are no leaks around the water pump. The thermostat housing isn't leaking. All of the connections look tight.

I am completely stumped here. Any ideas? thanks for reading.
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