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Coolant Switch Nightmare -any solutions (lengthy)

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What are the 3 switches in the fig.?
A visit to the stelership with ETKA illustration 216-00 shows part #9 and says UNKNOWN PART!!!!! Switch 1 is 2-pin, switch 2 is 1-pin and switch 3 is a 2-pin connector. The parts guy @ the dealer looked up an 86 ETKA illus lists and "thinks" switch 3 part is "thermal switch for lambda probe vehicles with regulated catalyst (PN 035-919-369D 25/17 OR PN 027-919-369B 45/17) I assume the 25/17 and 45/17 refer to temps for the switches? How do I know which one i have w/o yanking my switch(s)?
The suspect vehicle has switches EXACTLY like that shown in Bentleys Exhaust system and emission chpter Fig 5.2. Problem is that bottom switch 3 does not have a blue connector like a typical coolant temp sensor switch discussed B4 here.
(On the the other coolant port to the engine on the drivers left side there are NO sensors/switches.)
My bottom one is encrusted in salt/coolant and I HOPE is the root of a cold start problem with mega-erratic idle til she's warmed up.
Car factoids: 87 GL, GX engine code, CIS ignition (black fuel dist), CA emissions, Date of Manuf =8/86. Could my car be sort of a factory emissions/coolant hybrid btwn 86 and 87?
btw, my OXS light has not worked for years--any connection with these switches?
Thanks for your insight....
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Re: Coolant Switch Nightmare -any solutions (GMan)

oops how do i attach a photo?
Re: Coolant Switch Nightmare -any solutions (GMan)

i would say u have a 3 wire fan switch that screws in to your radiator....i have one here if u need it i could sell it
Re: Coolant Switch Nightmare -any solutions (GMan)

Put the URL in between the
Re: Coolant Switch Nightmare -any solutions (negativl)

hey the image is just sitting on my desktop. is there a place to dump these jpegs @ a URL?
Re: Coolant Switch Nightmare -any solutions (vw problems)

its the switches that screw into the flange on the head that are in question. they do not screw into the radiator at all.
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