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coolant temp sensor

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How tough to replace, need to drain coolant? What does the part cost.
g60 8v digifart engine,

[Modified by g60jason, 2:35 PM 2-6-2002]
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Re: coolant temp sensor (g60jason)

on a NA 8v digi it only requires the removal of the connector, pop out the old sensor, small amount of coolant rushes out, pop the new one in with new o-ring, reconnect. done.
14 bucks at the dealer for the blue one I got.
Re: coolant temp sensor (vwtoys)

That is exactly what is involved. I have done it so many time I can get it done in 10 seconds flat.
Re: coolant temp sensor (vwtoys)

Does anyone have the parts number for the both black and blue coolant sensors and the o-rings.. I'm heading down to the dealer this weekend..thanks!
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