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Re: coooooooooooooool (LIQUIX)

First of all I got LED's and the housings from BoneKrusher, so if you want info on how to get them email him. This mod took about 2 hours to do, and it was well worth it. It gives your passenger door a little bit of an Audi feel to it. It wasnt a very difficult job to do, but it also wasnt a breeze.
What you need:
-2 LED's with housings
-Torx T25 bit
-Philips Screwdriver
-10ft Speaker Wire
-Bently Manual
Here is what you get when you order the housings:

Installation Instructions:
1. Take apart the driver's side door.
Roger Moores assembly overview:

There are 3 screws on the bottom, on the inner side, and two inside of the switches. To take out the switches you Remove the inner door handle trim piece, pull up on control assembly and lift off, disconnect the window switches, remove the window switches from the handle cover (from Roger Moores site). There you will see the screws. Disconnect all wires from door panel and put the door panel to the side.

2. Pop off the OEM housing from the door.

3. Cut the OEM wire, about an inch from the housing.

4. Solder on the new housing to the OEM wire.

Use electical tape and tape down the soldering job.
5. Unclip the OEM plug and stick the speaker wire into it along with the OEM wire. The clip will pierce the speaker wire to make contact.

6. Remove one side of the black rubber hose and run the wire through the door for about a foot.

7. Remove the fuse panel(the whole side is held on by 3 clips, just tug on the panel and it will pop off), the panel under the steering column(a couple screws underneath).

8. Also remove the panel that is farther underneath the steering clumn, the dead pedal, hood release, and the panel behind the hood release.

9. Now you can feel the other side of the hole that you will run the wire through. Push the wire through the rubber tube and inside of the hole on the metal, and continuing pulling all the wire through.

10. Tuck the wire behind the petals and push the wire through a small hole next to the gas pedal, have someone on the other side to pull it.

11. tuck the wire under the glove box and remove the other side panel.

12. Remove the passenger side door and remove the OEM lock housing.
13. Here is where it gets a bit tricky. I found it almost impossible to r push the wire through the hole inside of the car and into the rubber hose, so instead, i did the same that i did with driver's side door and a spare piece of wire from the door, through the hose, and inside the car. Then i taped the spare wire to the wire were using and pulled the whole thing out.

here you can see where i taped it to pull it through. The taped section is right underneath the rubber hose.
14. Now that you have the other end of the wire on the passenger side door, just attach the second housing to wire, then to the door.
15. Test it out before you put anything back! The alarm will arm with all the switches removed. If the driver's side works and the passenger doesnt, you may have put the LED on backwards, switch the positve/negative terminals and try again.
16. After you got it working put everything back the way you found it, and enjoy your cool mod.

Yes they do blink simoultaneously, in case your wondering.
I hope this helps everyone through this procedure. Email, or IM me if you have any questions.
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